Qriocity Ready to Manage Your PS3s

November 18, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

For the longest time, your PlayStation Network account was limited to five PlayStation 3 systems. The only way to remove a system from your account was to sign in on the PS3 and manually deactivate it from within the XMB. If the system was lost, stolen, sold or stopped working, you could not deactivate it from your computer (though if you managed to get through to the right person on Sony’s help line, and you could get lucky). Sony’s entertainment network¬†Qriocity has been updated, and you can now manage your activated systems online.

For now, you can only manage your systems activated for gaming content. This is an all-or-nothing approach, as you are required to deactivate all PS3s and PlayStation Portables at once, meaning you cannot selectively remove a single device. A new restriction has also popped up – you can only do this once every six months. Once the systems are deactivated you will have to re-activate them once you try to launch any content that was previously purchased.

You should remember that content purchased after November 18th can only be used on up to two PS3 systems. Will you be using this new deactivation system?