Sony Tightens Game Sharing Policy, Further Limits Number of Activated Devices

November 4, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

If you currently purchase content through the PlayStation Network and use it across multiple PlayStation devices, you’ll want to pay attention to Sony’s new plan for PSN game sharing.

SCEA and SCEE have announced that a new policy is set to go into effect on November 18th which limits the number of activated systems a game can be played on to two, after previously being five. This applies to both the PlayStation 3 and PSP (and presumably the Vita when it releases), but will only be applicable to every PSN game you buy after November 18th.

Fortunately, Sony plans to offer the ability to change the activation setting on your devices through a newly designed website. This will allow gamers to deactivate particular consoles attached to their username from the comfort of their PC.

To read up on all the details regarding how it can be deactivated currently, you can consult their guide. Thankfully, the process appears to be fairly easy.

While this new move may anger some gamers, many developers will be thankful of this move, with rampant game sharing between different gamers cutting into their sales.

How many consoles do you have activated? Let us know in the comments below.