PlayStation Vita to Get its Gears Moving with Huge UK Marketing Push

January 10, 2012Written by Cameron Teague

If there is one thing that we could point to as an issue with Sony and the launches of their blockbuster titles or hardware, it’s their extreme lack of marketing. The guys in charge over at Sony appear to finally be noticing, and are placing all of their eggs in the Vita basket. In other words, Sony has revealed that the Vita will receive the biggest marketing push ever seen by the company.

Speaking to MCV, UK marketing manager Mark Bowles had the following to say about Sony’s plans for the Vita when it releases in North America and Europe on February 22nd.

The PS Vita launch will be supported by the biggest campaign we’ve ever executed, and this level of activity will continue throughout 2012, reflecting our confidence in, and commitment to the platform long term.

He then spoke on what style of marketing the mega-push will entail.

In terms of media focus, due to the connected nature of the Vita and the behaviour of our target audience, our campaign will have a strong digital backbone, supporting a heavyweight TV, press, outdoor and retail presence.

It will be great to see what Sony plan to do to get their new handheld moving off store shelves. Just please no weird babies Sony, some of us are still experiencing vivid nightmares.