New I Am Alive Trailer Explains the Rules for Encountering Enemies

January 18, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

A previous I Am Alive trailer released by Ubisoft showed the rules for survival. A new trailer released today for the downloadable title shows the rules for encountering and fighting enemies.

First, the trailer advises players to keep out of the sight of enemies if they can.

Next, the trailer advises to keep cool during encounters if they have to engage in them and to only fire their weapon when need be. It shows the game’s protagonist aiming a weapon in first person view. He advises that “bluffing” — keeping your weapon aimed at enemies, not firing — is a player’s best bet. They also must be convincing — maintaining the weapon’s aim — when bluffing or enemies will call the player’s bluff.

The trailer then advises players that if they make a move, they must make it. Players should save bullets when they can. The protagonist is shown attacking an enemy from behind with a machete after advising that players take enemies by surprise. He also mentions that players should try to obtain a hunting bow, which appears to be able to attack enemies from long distances. Arrows can be recovered after taking down enemies. The trailer closes by showing the camcorder the protagonist used to record the message, the game’s logo, and mentioning that the game is “coming soon.”

To view the “Encounters” trailer, click on the video below:

I Am Alive is currently in development for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.