Get Some Hands-On Time with the Vita Now at Your Local GAME Store

January 27, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

If you can’t contain your excitement for the Vita and just so happen to live in the UK, boy do I have great news for you. Starting today, GAME and Gamestation stores will have playable Vita demos for consumers to try out.

A total of 600 locations have the Vita available for you to try, and over the next few weeks, the top 150 stores will be sent an Interactive Display Unit. Plus, each store manager will receive a PlayStation Vita, so that they can show off the fancy new tech to their co-workers and customers.

Sony is confident that when the public gets their hands on the hardware they’ll be sold. According to Fergal Gara, SCE UK vice president and managing director:

PlayStation Vita is an amazing piece of technology – but the very best way to make people realise this, is by putting it in their hands.

The beauty and clarity of the five inch OLED screen, the ergonomic design with the dual analogue joysticks, the interaction of the rear touch panel, all come emphatically to life. With our own Vita Rooms and now, with this opportunity for consumers to sample PS Vita in any of GAME or Gamestation’s 600 specialist retail stores, the excitement can only continue to build.

While this is a great start, let’s hope this isn’t the extent to which Sony plans to promote the Vita. Marketing has never been the company’s strong suit, so they’ll have to learn quickly and beef up their advertising tactics if they hope to make a substantial splash outside of Japan.