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PSP Games Will Continue to be Available from the PS3 and Vita Stores Despite the PSP Store Closure Today

The PlayStation Portable Store is due to close today, July 2nd. This originally meant that all 35 digital only PSP games would be lost forever, but according to terms that have been changed on the PlayStation UK support page, this is no longer the case. As spotted by ResetEra, players will still be able to “purchase and play PSP content that is available on the PS3 and PS Vita stores”.

The PSP Store had previously been closed in 2016, but players were still able to search for games and make in-game purchases. This functionality will no longer be available from July 6 according to the support page, so if there’s any DLC you want for any of your PSP games, you have just four more days to grab it. To clarify, it is just the in-game PSP store that will be closing.

Players will still be able to purchase PSP games through the PS3 and Vita Stores. As players will also still be able to download their previously purchased PSP content, this means any games purchased through these two stores after July 2 can still be downloaded onto a PSP device through its Download List. While this confirmation only appears on the PlayStation UK support page, Sony has confirmed to Kotaku that the conditions apply to all regions.

When the store closures were first announced, it seemed like over 200 PS3, Vita and PSP games would be lost forever. When the PS3 and Vita stores were granted a reprieve shortly afterwards, this list was reduced to just 35 digital-only PSP games because the support page wording previously implied those games would no longer be available from any store. Last month, publishers like Atlus and Level 5 started amending their posts suggesting their PSP games would still be available beyond July 2, but it’s only now Sony has confirmed all digital-only PSP games are safe.

[Source: PlayStation Support via ResetEra, Kotaku]