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PS Vita Frimware 3.70

PS Vita Firmware Update 3.70 Releases, Proving The System Is Still Alive

It’s nice to see Sony still supporting the system, but 2019 will likely be the death of the PS Vita.

sony cartridge patent

Newly-Published Sony Patent Shows New Game Cartridge Idea

Is there hope yet for a new Sony handheld? Who knows!

Western game sales Japan

Japanese Sales Chart: Red Dead Redemption 2 and COD Are Still Going Strong

Japan likes COD and RDR2 too!

patobox vita release date

Patobox Ducks and Weaves Onto Vita Next Week

That duck is jacked!

timespinner vita issues

Timespinner Vita Issues Acknowledged During Reddit AMA

Fingers crossed the attempts to fix it work out.

playstation vita production

PlayStation Vita Production Officially Ending in 2019

Pour one out for Vita, everyone.

PlayStation Vita Update

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.69 Keeps the Good Times Rolling

Keeping things running smoothly.

xenogears soundtrack remaster

Revisit Xenogears With This Asia-Exclusive PlayStation Plus Bonus

It might be worth the effort to snap this thing up.

heavy rain ps4

The Middle East Doesn’t Get Heavy Rain PS4 for Free on PS Plus This Month

Not all regions are created equal, it seems.

Limited Run Games vita

E3 2018: Limited Run Games Is Distributing A Slew of Games for PS4 and PS Vita

Get ready to add some games to you PS Vita collection.

Sony’s Biggest E3 Flops

Sometimes, PlayStation only does 80710a06.

PS Vita Support 2020

SIE CEO John Kodera Plans to Continue Supporting PS Vita Until 2020

It’s still doing well in the East for the time being.

PS Vita physical games Japan

PS Vita Physical Games are Still Being Produced in Japan After March 2019

It’s still big in Japan.

PS Vita Physical Games Card

Sony Kills Production of PS Vita Physical Games, Digital Store to Remain Online

Should we call the coroner on the handheld yet?

May PlayStation plus games

May 2018 PlayStation Plus Free Games Includes Beyond Two Souls, Rayman Legends

Here’s what you’ll be able to play!

May PlayStation plus games

PSA: You Can Now Redeem April’s PlayStation Plus Free Games

Free games!

PS Plus Free Games

Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Free Games Will No Longer Include Vita and PS3 in 2019

Are you sad by the news?

May PlayStation plus games

March 2018 PlayStation Plus Free Games Includes Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank

Here’s what you’ll be able to play!

PSA: Don’t Miss the Warframe Booster Pack Free to PS Plus Members

Grab it before it’s gone!

January 2018 PlayStation plus free games

PSA: Last Day to Redeem Free PlayStation Plus Games for December

Grab them before they’re gone!