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Former PlayStation Boss Wishes Sony Supported Vita

Former PlayStation U.S. executive Jack Tretton has said that he wishes Sony did a better job with PS Vita support. Speaking to Axios, Tretton admitted that the handheld was one of PlayStation’s more innovative projects that were “orphaned a little bit.” This is the first time Tretton has spoken candidly about PS Vita support, or lack thereof, echoing what fans have been saying for a number of years.

What Jack Tretton had to say about lack of PS Vita support

“There were certainly technologies that I thought were good but just didn’t have the level of support they needed,” Tretton told Axios’ Stephen Totilo, referring to the PS Vita, 3D gaming, and interestingly, the PS VR. “When you work for a big company, you have to love everything they’re doing, whether you personally love it or not.” Tretton clarified that he’s not dissing his former employer, but admitted that it was bothersome not to receive the internal support needed even when working for what is arguably Sony’s most successful division. “So you come up with new technology to introduce to the industry and the consumers,” he continued. “But do you have the marketing budget to really drive the message? Do you have the developer support dollars to incent them to develop games to support this initiative? And sometimes you would birth technology and hope that it caught on.”

In the same interview, Tretton reminisced about his tenure at Sony, revealing that his happiest moment was Sony mocking Xbox One’s reveal fiasco at E3 and his “most painful” moment was having to apologize for the infamous 23-day PSN outage.

In other news, Ys Net and 110 Industries are reportedly discussing yet another Shenmue installment, and Square Enix has said that it currently has no plans for a Chrono Cross sequel or new game.