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playstation vita games sales

NPD Reveals the Top-Selling U.S. Vita Games List, and It’s Not Pretty

Not the most uplifting news.

playstation vita sony

Rumor: Has the Cutoff Date for Physical Vita Games Been Extended?

The twisting tale of the Vita continues.

playstation vita production

PlayStation Vita Production Officially Ending in 2019

Pour one out for Vita, everyone.

PlayStation Vita Update

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.69 Keeps the Good Times Rolling

Keeping things running smoothly.

ps vita physical games

Publisher eastasiasoft Isn’t Giving up on the Vita, Calls for Developer Pitches for Physical Releases

Bloodstained developers have “made their decision.”

Uppers rated in Australia

Uppers Now Rated for PS4 in Australia, Is a Localized Release Imminent?

Not a downer, but an Upper it seems.


Chasm, Old School-Inspired 2D Platformer, Arrives on PS4

I suddenly want more games like this one. Call me old-fashioned.

Limited Run Games

E3 2018: Limited Run Games Is Distributing A Slew of Games for PS4 and PS Vita

Get ready to add some games to you PS Vita collection.

PS Vita Support 2020

SIE CEO John Kodera Plans to Continue Supporting PS Vita Until 2020

It’s still doing well in the East for the time being.

PS Vita physical games Japan

PS Vita Physical Games are Still Being Produced in Japan After March 2019

It’s still big in Japan.

PS Vita Physical Games Card

Sony Kills Production of PS Vita Physical Games, Digital Store to Remain Online

Should we call the coroner on the handheld yet?

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.68

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.68 Now Available to Download

Possibly the final update.

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.68

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.67 Now Available to Download

What does it do?

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.68

NIS America Says It’ll Continue to Support PS Vita Digitally But Admits It’s Challenging

Ys VIII & Danganronpa V3 might be the final physical releases.

PlayStation Switch

Andrew House Doesn’t See Much of a Market for Handheld Gaming Outside of Asia

You shouldn’t expect a “PlayStation Switch” either.

PlayStation Switch

Sony Focusing on Increasing the Number of Younger PS Vita Users in Japan

They’re not ready to give up just yet.

PlayStation Switch

NieR: Automata Director Wants a PS Vita Successor

He wants something with a slightly smaller screen.


10 Reasons Why I Miss the PSP Go

*sniffle* Poor little guy. Never got to fully shine.

TGS 2016 – PS Vita Coming in Two New Color Variations in Japan

Red and silver.

PlayStation Switch

New PlayStation Vita Exploit Lets You Run Homebrew Games/Apps With Ease

It doesn’t enable piracy.