PS3 PS Vita multiplayer down

PS3 and PS Vita Multiplayer Down Again, Large Number of Games Unplayable

PS3 and PS Vita multiplayer services are down again, marking the second time this month that PS3’s online services went down. The outage affects a large number of peer-to-peer and multiplayer games, and occurred a day ago. Sony has yet to fix the problem but players are starting to express concerns that the company is gearing up to pull the plug on both dated consoles.

PS3, PS Vita multiplayer and PSN outages might just be the beginning of the end

As reported on sites like PSNProfiles and Reddit, only a small number of PS3 and Vita games with P2P and online multiplayer are working right now. Users can play the games offline, but trying to connect to online servers results in various error messages.

It’s pretty commendable that Sony’s still keeping the lights on for the PS3 and PS Vita long after they became obsolete… or in PS Vita’s case, long after the company abandoned the console. However, the recurring lengthy outages has players wondering if Sony’s going to switch off the life support anytime now, especially since the server costs may not be worth it at this point.

You can check out the full list of games affected by the outage on PSNProfiles. The good news is, all Call of Duty games are unaffected.