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Unofficial 400-Page Hard Book Chronicling the Life of PlayStation Vita Smashes Kickstarter Goal

UK-based author Sandeep Rai recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 400-page hard book that documents PlayStation Vita‘s life and demise, and unsurprisingly, it smashed its initial goal of £6,000 within a few hours.

As reported by Push Square, Vita Means Life will not only chronicle the handheld’s troubled life, it’ll also include interviews with Vita game developers as well as “detailed retrospectives on some of the biggest games on the system.” At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign sat at a whopping £17,000 raised by nearly 400 backers.

The A5-sized book will be split into four sections: history, interviews, retrospectives, and library (of all the Vita games launched in the West). The retrospectives section will feature the following games (and many more, according to Rai):

  • Gravity Rush
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • LittleBigPlanet Vita
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Freedom Wars
  • Soul Sacrifice
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • The Ys series
  • The SteamWorld series
  • Salt & Sanctuary
  • Shovel Knight
  • The Atelier series
  • Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2

“I felt that the Vita, despite being such an amazing device, would never get the same treatment as other retro systems and have books written about it, so I thought ‘why don’t I do it?'” Rai wrote. “I’m so glad it worked out and I got so much support for the first two books, and I am hopeful that will continue for this third book.”

Vita Means Life will collate books about the handheld that Rai has penned previously, and will include new material. If things go according to plan, it’ll be out by April 2022.

[Source: Kickstarter via Push Square]