Qualcomm open to working on future PlayStation handheld

Qualcomm Open to Working With PlayStation on Handheld System

Semiconductor company Qualcomm says it’s open to working with PlayStation and Nintendo on handheld gaming devices. Speaking at Computex 2023, the company’s senior vice president Alex Katouzian revealed that Qualcomm has already been in talks with Sony, but didn’t say whether they discussed the upcoming Project Q or ideas for the future.

Future PlayStation handheld devices likely to focus on mobile games and streaming

Keep any expectations of a PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita successor in check because Qualcomm is referring to mobile and streaming devices.

“A lot of console game companies want these handheld devices,” Katouzian said at Computex 2023 (via TrustedReviews). “They’re not necessarily high-end graphics capable devices, but they want to keep all those mobile gamers in their own ecosystem.”

Qualcomm indicated its interest in going after the handheld market and partnering with console manufacturers. On its talks with Sony and Nintendo, Qualcomm said that both console makers are “interested in having handheld gaming capabilities, so obviously they would reach out and talk to us.” Katouzian didn’t say what those talks entailed but it’s possible that Sony sought advice on Project Q.

Project Q, Sony’s PS5-compatible handheld streaming device, is expected to launch this November. Tech specs have yet to be revealed.