PlayStation handheld release date is reportedly set in fall 2023.

Report: PlayStation Streaming Handheld Project Q Release Date Window Set

Insider Tom Henderson, who originally leaked the PlayStation streaming handheld code-named Project Q, claims that the device’s release date is set for November 2023. Project Q was briefly shown off during this week’s PlayStation Showcase, with Sony confirming reports that it features an 8-inch HD screen.

When will Sony announce PlayStation handheld release date?

Sony didn’t dedicate more than a few seconds to Project Q during the showcase. All we were told was that the handheld is capable of streaming any game over Wi-Fi, and comes with all the buttons and features of the PS5’s DualSense controller. However, fans were later promised more details “in the months ahead.”

Considering Henderson has been spot on with his recent Sony leaks, it looks like the company already has a release window for Project Q in mind. So we expect the handheld’s release date to be announced alongside its tech specs and price tag in coming months.

Earlier today, Henderson and fellow insider The Snitch revealed that Sony withheld some announcements from May 2023’s PlayStation Showcase. The company reportedly had a few trailers and announcements ready to go, but they were surprisingly missing from the event.

It is now expected that Sony will hold another event in the coming months, and perhaps that’s when we’ll see more of Project Q.