PlayStation Announces Streaming Handheld Project Q

PlayStation Announces Streaming Handheld Project Q

While the PlayStation Showcase was mostly centered around games, Sony did have a couple hardware announcements, too. One of these announcements was a set of earbuds, and the other was a streaming-only device codenamed Project Q.

What is Project Q?

Project Q is a handheld that can only stream titles from a PlayStation 5 through remote play or Wi-Fi and can’t play games natively. It has all the normal PlayStation buttons, as well as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback just like the DualSense, which it looks strikingly similar to. It also has an 8-inch HD screen, but it wasn’t clear what kind of screen it is. The trailer noted that games must be installed on the PS5, which implies that it won’t be possible to stream PlayStation Plus Premium titles.

There’s no word on how much it will cost or when it is coming out. However, more information will be made available sometime in the future.

This device was rumored back in April, as insider Tom Henderson noted that Sony was making a streaming device codenamed Q Lite. It was described as a handheld that looked like a DualSense with an 8-inch screen in the middle, which ended up being quite accurate. The report also said it played games in up to 1080p, but Sony did not confirm those kinds of specs.