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PS3, PS Vita Players Can’t Download Purchased Games From PS Store

Players are reporting PS3/Vita download error when attempting to download purchased games from the PS Store. It’s a widespread issue that’s apparently affected downloads on both consoles for a couple of weeks now.

PS3/Vita download error is apparently related to the PSN licensing system

Multiple threads have cropped up on Reddit (via ResetEra) exploring the issue in detail. Some users have theorized that the problem occurs for games with expired licenses that need re-activating.

“An error occurred during the install operation – (80029509),” reads one such error message.

Last Tuesday, February 28th, Sony rolled out a firmware update for the PS3 that came with the standard “improves system performance” patch notes (or note, rather). While some users think the firmware update is what “broke” PS Store downloads, comments from several players suggest that the issue precedes the update. Additionally, since the PS Vita is also affected, a PS3 firmware update couldn’t have been responsible for the download issues.

Some players have been able to get lucky by making several attempts to download their games. Others have said that they had to either wait for a few hours before trying again, or attempt to download another day.

It’s not known when/if Sony will fix the issue.