new ps3 firmware update

New PS3 Firmware Update 4.90 Now Available to Download

PS3 firmware update 4.90 is now available to download. For anyone still using the PlayStation 3, a new system software update will surely come as a surprise. The previous patch rolled out in May of last year, so seeing the February 28 update popping up is no doubt going to be a shock. Thankfully, it’s only a small download and shouldn’t cause too much downtime before getting back to those “retro games.”

PS3 system software update 4.90 patch notes

The PS3 4.90 update patch notes detail one change:

This system software update improves system performance.

Unfortunately, those are all of the details provided by Sony. The 200 MB patch just “improves system performance.” It’s unclear if the update targets the performance of a certain piece of equipment, or just gives an overall boost of speed and efficiency to the software.

Sadly no, the 4.90 patch doesn’t unlock PSVR 2 compatibility for PlayStation 3, letting players see through the eyes of Solid Snake in MGS4, as cool as that would be… Whatever it does, hopefully it leads to perceptible benefits for those still playing on their PS3 consoles.

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