Shenmue 4 Rumor

Shenmue 4 Could Be in Development at Ys Net and 110 Industries

Ys Net and 110 Industries have created a partnership for the development of Shenmue 4 according to the latest rumor. Several months ago rumors over a potential collaboration between the two companies started, but this week is the first time a 110 Industries employee has commented on the matter and did so by adding fuel to the fire.

How likely is it we will see Shenmue 4?

Shenmue 3

110 Industries held a presentation at Tokyo Game Show at the end of 2021. The first five minutes of that presentation were dedicated to Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki. As no partnership had been announced at that point, many players were left wondering why this was. Skip ahead to this week and 110 Industries put up a post on Instagram promoting their upcoming title Wanted: Dead. A hopeful fan dared to ask whether they would “hook up” with Suzuki to make Shenmue 4. As spotted by GameRant, an anonymous 110 Industries employee replied, “guess why he was at our TGS stream.”

While this is far from confirmation of a collaboration between the two companies, let alone the existence of Shenmue 4, it was enough to encourage fans to call for the game to be made. 110 Industries is now offering up a “no comment” approach to inquiries about Shenmue 4 (thanks ResetEra), but this isn’t a denial either. For his part, Suzuki has already said he would love to make more games in the Shenmue universe and the game was pitched to publishers at the end of 2020. It seems like one of those pitches may have been successful. However, take this rumor with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation.

In other news, ex-PlayStation CEO Jack Stretton claims his best PlayStation 4 memory was when their E3 reveal that mocked Microsoft for its planned DRM practices. Elsewhere, Square Enix has said there are no plans for a Chrono Cross sequel or a new game for now.