The War Against the Reapers Goes Multiplayer In New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

January 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

EA and BioWare have released a new trailer for Mass Effect 3 that shows the game’s multiplayer mode in action.

The trailer opens with Commander Shepard saying that civilians have been evacuated and that Special Forces “can take it from here.” A small squad of soldiers is dropped into a combat zone and the trailer shows the details on each of them: their race, their class, and their abilities. One character is shown as a Human Soldier with Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot, and Frag Grenade. He and another player are shown fighting husks.

A cinema shows a group of characters looking at a Galaxy Map, indicating that Reapers have taken over some high value territories with Reaper icons. Another character is shown as a Quarian Engineer (with Incinerate, Cryo Blast, and Sentry Turret), who is battling enemies with a Vanguard Drell (with Biotic Charge, Pull, and Cluster Grenade). A Turian Sentinel (with Warp, Overload, and Tech Armor) is shown with a sniper rifle, firing a headshot on an enemy. Next, an ally is shown as being down after being attacked by a husk. Following that, a salarian is shown hacking a computer as a Vanguard Asari (with Biotic Charge, Stasis, and Lift Grenade) is shown protecting him. Next, Commander Shepard gets off of a shuttle in a cutscene and is shown giving an inspirational speech to soldiers. The Salarian is then revealed to be an Infiltrator with Energy Drain, Tactical Cloak, and Proximity Mine. He uses an Omniblade to take down an enemy. A Krogan Soldier with Carnage, Fortification, and Inferno Grenade is shown rushing a foe before hitting him with an uppercut. The trailer closes with several action shots of multiplayer action and players battling mechs, husks, and more.

To view the “Special Forces” trailer, click on the video below:

To read a BioWare blog that discusses multiplayer strategy in a few different scenarios, click here.

Mass Effect 3 releases for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 6, 2012.

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