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Final Set Of DLC For Final Fantasy XIII-2 Available Today

May 16, 2012 Written by Nick Michetti

Square Enix has announced that the final set of downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released today.

The DLC consists of two story episodes and character outfits. The first episode is “Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield,” which sees Snow engaging in battles in the Coliseum after being separated from Serah. The episode includes a battle against the “Arbiter of Time,” who has been watching events unfold at the Coliseum. At the end of the episode, players will unlock Snow as a party member. The episode will cost $3.99 on PSN or 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

The second episode is “Lighning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess,” which puts players in control of Lightning, who uses special abilities available only in this episode. The episode also allows players to adjust difficulty levels and shows the battle between Lightning and Caius that wasn’t shown in the main game. Furthermore, at the end of the episode, players will be able to unlock the FFXIII-2 version of Lightning. Players are encouraged to play this episode after beating the main game due to story details included in the episode. The episode will cost $4.99 on PSN or 400 Microsoft Points.

Clothing-wise, a White Mage outfit will be available for Serah for $2.99 on PSN or 240 Microsoft Points. A Black Mage will be available for Noel for $2.99 on PSN or 240 Microsoft Points. “A Wondrous Wardrobe” of 16 outfits will be available for Mog for $2.99 on PSN or 240 Microsoft Points.

To view images of the DLC and some artwork, click on the Media Gallery below:

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