Final Fantasy 15 Noodle Helmet

Final Fantasy XV Gets Free Noodle Helmet & Assassin’s Festival DLC Today

Along with the expected Assassin’s Festival DLC, Square Enix has also brought out the Noodle Helmet outfit today for Final Fantasy XV. Both are available for free from the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe).

Just a 1.6MB download, the Noodle Helmet increases your HP recovery rate:

Stave off both fatigue and hunger with Nissin on your noggin! Inspired by everyone’s favorite Cup Noodles, this headpiece increases your HP recovery rate remarkably.

Assassin’s Festival, which runs until January 31, 2018, is an 838MB download and carries this description:

The tales of a mythical hero who fought to resist the shackles of oppression date back generations in Lestallum, where a festival is held in honor of the lore. As an avid fan of the spirit this local legend inspired, Noctis drags his friends along to take part in the festivities, but he also encounters a few unexpected guests…

Support for both was added in the most recent update, so make sure you download version 1.15, which is roughly 4GB and also included a Bestiary and Chapter Select.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, the Monster of the Deep game for PlayStation VR is priced at $29.99 USD and pre-ordering gets you a special theme.

[Source: PlayStation Store via Wario64]