Final Fantasy 16 DLC Isn't Currently Being Planned

Final Fantasy 16 DLC Isn’t Currently Being Planned

Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 15 both had copious amounts of downloadable content. But it doesn’t seem like the next entry is destined to follow those patterns since Square Enix is currently planning any Final Fantasy 16 DLC.

Why Square Enix isn’t making Final Fantasy 16 DLC (for now)

According to Game Informer, producer Naoki Yoshida said Final Fantasy 16 was a “one-off game” and highlighted the need to make a complete experience, one that will need to justify being sold at the new premium baseline of $69.99.

“We’re asking players to pay the full price for this experience, and so we want an experience that’s going to equal the amount of money that players are going to be paying and we want them to have satisfaction equal to what they paid or even more than that.”

However, that’s not to say Final Fantasy 16 will never get DLC. Director Hiroshi Takai and Yoshida said they want to get the game into players’ hands first, implying that demand might change plans down the line.

“We have no idea if people are going to fall in love with Valisthea and fall in love with Clive’s story and want to see more of the world and more of its characters,” said Yoshida. “So while we always want to consider DLC or spin-offs or those types of things where you can learn more about the game, first we want to see if Valisthea and Clive are really things players around the world want to see more of and then make that decision.”

Final Fantasy 14 has had numerous large expansions over the years, which is quite fitting for an MMO. Final Fantasy 15, while not an MMO, had many pieces of DLC, too. Most of it delved into protagonist Noctis’ friends, letting players get a better look at those pivotal secondary characters in the squad. There was also a multiplayer expansion called Comrades that multiple players beat down various monsters.