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final fantasy xiv breast cancer

The Final Fantasy XIV Community Got Together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The confetti is a nice touch.

dragon quest builders 2 builder puzzles

Prepare for Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Builder Puzzle Challenges

Gotta keep those building skills sharp.

The Forge DLC

Forge Ahead and Learn More About New Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC

Now you can bring a friend into those spiky death traps.

final fantasy 14 halloween

Final Fantasy XIV’s Halloween Event is Now Live

Adventurers are getting spooky.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshots Bring Us Back to Twilight Town

What’s up with Roxas?

the quiet man new game plus

The Quiet Man Will Have New Game Plus and an Imogen Heap Theme Song

Not so quiet anymore.

dragon quest 11 patch

Dragon Quest XI Patch Issued to Squish Some Bugs

If you’re a Dragon Quest fan and your name is Robert, you’re in luck.

just cause 4 story trailer

Rico Rodriguez Goes Rogue and Gets Dangerous in a Just Cause 4 Story Trailer

There’s more to the experience than action and explosions.

Tomb Raider Photography Challenge

This Week’s Tomb Raider Photo Challenge Wants You In Combat

Forget the tombs for a second.

dragon quest 10 offline

Dragon Quest X Offline Version May Come to the West

No internet connection required (at least to play).

left alive release date

Left Alive Coming to North America and Europe in March 2019

The mechs are coming soon.

shadow of the tomb raider dlc

Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC Hands-on Preview – Better Together

Raiding tombs is twice as fun when you have a friend!

just cause 4 ps4 preview

Just Cause 4 NYCC Hands-on Preview: Chaos Everywhere

The world is your sandbox.

ddos attacks

DDoS Attackers Target Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix to Coordinate With ISPs

Just when we thought 2018 was going smoothly.

shadow of the tomb raider dlc

The Forge Is the First of Seven Shadow of the Tomb Raider Add-ons

The Forge releases this November.

Kingdom Hearts Story

Kingdom Hearts -The Story So Far- Announced to Help Players Catch Up

All the Kingdom Hearts games are together again.

The Quiet Man Gameplay

The Quiet Man Japanese Release Date Set Alongside New Trailer Reveal

Who’s ready for a fight?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Photography Challenge

This Week’s Photography Challenge in Tomb Raider

Fly, you fools!

Hikaru-Utada Kingdom Hearts III

Skrillex and Hikaru Utada Come Together for Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song

Together at last?

Life is Strange 2 episode 1 ps4 review

Life is Strange 2, Episode 1 “Roads” Review — A Deeply American Odyssey (PS4)

Ewe might want to learn why these kids are suddenly on the lamb…