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final fantasy 14 expansion

Become One of Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers in Summer 2019

Become the Warrior of Darkness.

just cause 4 gameplay

Here’s How Just Cause 4 Lets Players Be Creative

“If you can imagine it, you can do it.”

final fantasy 7 remake info

Nomura Assures Fans Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Is ‘Going Favorably’

Don’t worry, everything’s fine.

Kingdom Hearts III Winnie the Pooh

Warm Your Heart With These Kingdom Hearts III Winnie the Pooh Screenshots

Honeypots and crop tops.

PlayStation 5 PS5 Square Enix 1

REPORT: Square Enix Dev’s LinkedIn Seemingly Confirms the PlayStation 5

These next-gen rumblings are growing thunderous.

left alive trailer

Get to Know Left Alive’s Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid

This diverse cast of characters sounds interesting.

shadow of the tomb raider the forge preview

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Forge Preview – Rise Together

Can you master the first new challenge tomb with a friend?

just cause 4 preview

Just Cause 4 Preview – Explosive Megameter Playground

It’s almost time to free the people of Solís in explosive fashion.

just cause 4 trailer

Rico Brings the Thunder in Just Cause 4’s ‘Eye of the Storm’ Trailer

Watch Rico grapple hook his way into a storm.

crystal dynamics avengers

Could a Crystal Dynamics Avengers Game Website Updated Hint at a Reveal?

Will the Avengers be assembling soon?

dissidia final fantasy nt roster

Yuna Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster, New Stage Revealed

A free-to-play version has been announced in Japan.

kingdom hearts 3 trailer

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Features Winnie the Pooh

Welcome to 100 Acre Wood.

shadow of the tomb raider co op

Eidos-Montréal Explains Why Making Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Co-op Mode Was a Challenge

Imagine the world of Tomb Raider and Portal colliding.

the quiet man ps4

The Quiet Man’s New Update Brings Sound to the World

The Queit Man isn’t so quiet anymore.

Final Fantasy 15 Director Resigns

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata Leaves Square Enix, DLC Cancelled

Square Enix tried to soften the blow with additional announcements.

square enix financial report

Square Enix Suffers an ‘Extraordinary Loss’ After Opening a New Subsidiary

But the company remains optimistic.

dragon quest 11 sales numbers

Dragon Quest XI Sales Top 4 Million Units Worldwide

Dragon Quest remains a juggernaut in Japan.

kingdom hearts big hero 6

Square Enix Is Bringing the Big Hero 6 Actors to Kingdom Hearts III

Will Stan Lee make a cameo?

The Quiet Man game

When a Game’s Schtick Doesn’t Stick the Landing – The Quiet Man

I was not quiet about my displeasure and disappointment.