Final Fantasy 9 remake is real but Final Fantasy 10 remake isn't - report

Final Fantasy 9 Is Real But There’s No FF10 Remake, Says Reliable Leaker

A reliable leaker has claimed that reports of Final Fantasy 9 remake are accurate but there’s no Final Fantasy 10 remake in development, like prior rumors have suggested. FF9 remake is all but confirmed as it was originally outed by the Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which hasn’t seen a single instance of being inaccurate thus far.

What we know of Final Fantasy 9 remake and rumored Final Fantasy 10 remake thus far

The latest confirmation of FF9 remake and dismissal of FF10 remake rumors come from leaker Midori, who has a pretty stellar track record.

Former ResetEra user Im A Hero Too hinted that FF9 remake will be PS5 exclusive and will retain its “traditional” gameplay systems. They further suggested that a FF10 remake was in the works before closing their account.

Im A Hero Too had a decent reputation, but with Midori dismissing reports of the FF10 remake, we’d advise taking Im A Hero Too’s info on FF9 remake with a grain of salt. This is especially after Square Enix said that it was done releasing platform exclusive titles following a series of commercially lackluster releases.

For now, it seems that FF9 remake isn’t among the games that Square Enix recently canceled.