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Fear Effect: Flawed PS One Gem Returns for PS4 & PS5 in 2025

Limited Run Games and Square-Enix have revealed a first-ever port of the PS One gem Fear Effect for release in its 25th anniversary year.

First released on PS One back in 2000, Fear Effect has been largely lost to time despite attempts to reboot it. Now, it will receive a digital and physical release in 2025

Watch the announcement trailer for the game’s Limited Run release below.

Fear Effect Limited Run release trailer

Kronos Digital Entertainment developed Fear Effect as a futuristic shooter that pushed technical boundaries even if it stumbled on the mechanical side. Its cel-shaded characters and rolling FMV backgrounds made it a stunning game to watch in action.

The story saw three playable mercenaries on the hunt for the missing daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss. Things take a strange turn and soon enough there’s ritual sacrifice and undead villagers on the menu.

The game went on to review pretty well despite concerns over its muddled controls and inconsistent difficulty. A prequel was released the following year, but a third entry wouldn’t arrive until 2018 with the release of Fear Effect Sedna.

There was an attempt to remake the original game. However, six years after it was announced, the project was confirmed as being canceled in September 2023.