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Fear Effect Series Returns With Kickstarter Campaign, Thanks to Square Enix

Fear Effect series, which appeared on the original PlayStation, is set to return via a Kickstarter campaign thanks to Square Enix giving an indie developer, Sushee, the greenlight. The French developer’s Fear Effect Sedna will be an indie title, however, unlike the original games. 

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sushee’s Benjamin Anseaume said:

Players have to expect major changes both in terms of the gameplay and the visuals. We are a small team of 10 people. We are not Kronos. We are an indie team. We want to make something that respects the series, but it’s not going to be Fear Effect 3. It’s going to be a new Fear Effect with new gameplay.

Sushee is hoping to raise €100,000 via the campaign, which has yet to launch, with console versions being a stretch goal. You can check out a teaser video above.

For Eurogamer’s full interview with the developer, follow the link below.

[Source: Eurogamer]