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PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: March 6, 2018 – Royal Edition

It’s a busy week.

Fear Effect Remake

Fear Effect Reinvented Still Being Worked on, According to Devs

Company assures fans.

fear effect sedna release

Fear Effect Sedna Comes With a Platinum Trophy, Out March 6

25 trophies in total.

fear effect sedna release

Fear Effect Sedna’s Production Is Complete and It’ll Be Out Early 2018

It’s over to Square Enix for quality assurance.

Fear Effect Sedna Fully Funded Ahead of Campaign Deadline

Raised over €103,000 with 2,000+ backers.

Fear Effect Sedna Console Versions Announced With Slick New Trailer

Eight days remaining on Kickstarter campaign.

Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter Launched, Could Come to PS4 ‘If There’s Enough Support’

Sushee is seeking €100,000.

Fear Effect Series Returns With Kickstarter Campaign, Thanks to Square Enix

Remember the PSOne games?