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Fear Effect Sedna’s Production Is Complete and It’ll Be Out Early 2018

Developer Sushee has announced that the production of Fear Effect Sedna is now complete, and that the game is on track for release in early 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The final build has been handed over to Square Enix for QA checks.

In a note on Kickstarter, Sushee said:

We very excitedly compiled our final build for Fear Effect Sedna this week and is now on it’s way to Square Enix for a last phase of QA and over to Forever Entertainment for finishing the console port. We had a period where the closer to the end of the game we got, the longer the list of small details and tasks to finish became. This week, we started to see the walls (and the windows) of our meeting room again by taking down post-it notes filled with tasks to complete and not having to add any new ones. 

We may have finished creating the game, but our work doesn’t stop there. Now we go through the game to test it and get all those last bugs removed. At the same time the console versions will be getting finished and tested. Once these phases are over we can go to release.

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