Fear Effect Sedna Fully Funded Ahead of Campaign Deadline

Sushee-developed and Square Enix-backed Fear Effect Sedna has been fully funded just a day before its Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to come to an end. With 2,000+ backers, the game raised over €103,000 of its €100,000 goal. Thanking fans, Sushee Games said it’ll begin working on the full game now, and that its aiming for a Spring 2017 release. 

Those who pledged €60 or more will be treated to a demo this October.

In a separate update, Sushee revealed what each character’s combat style will entail. 

Hana (Swift and Deadly)

  • [Main weapon] Dual pistols (long range)
  • [Main skill] Theft: Hana can pick keycards and objects from enemies. She has a certain chance of being detected, depending on her Stress level.

Hana knows how to kill. Efficiency and rapidity are her main watchwords. She’s more likely than the others to sneak in narrow spaces to reach inaccessible places. But when it comes to destruction, her explosive stickers can definitely do the trick.

Rain (The Chameleon)

  • Main weapon] Uzis (long range)
  • [Main skill] Disguise: Rain can loot disguises on dead or unconscious enemies. Her stealth effectiveness is maintained for a few seconds while in enemy’s sight.

Rain isn’t as confident in combat as the rest of the team, but she can definitely handle a fight. She is surely the one you need to hack terminals and re-route cameras. And when things get dirty, she can count on her little drones to spread mayhem in the enemy ranks.

Glas (Field Experience)

  • [Main weapon] Magnum (medium range)
  • [Main skill] Defusing: He is able to disarm traps blocking the way

Glas knows the battlefield like no one. Using the land at his advantage is his main asset. Like, using dead opponents as a shield. Effective doesn’t mean ethic, right? Also, grenades. Cool stuff.

Deke (Burns and Splatters)

  • [Main weapon] Knuckle-duster & shotgun (close combat / short range)
  • [Main skill] Flamethrower: The best weapon for slow, widespread death.

Deke has a soft spot for… creative killings. And fire is a good way to enliven a shootout. But if someone survives, his homemade knuckle-duster can finish the job. And if the situations gets a bit dire, a molotov cocktail is always a good option.

Axel (The Discreet Professional)

  • [Main weapon] Sniper rifle (very long range)
  • [Main skill] Hide: When in cover, becomes invisible for a short time, and deals extra damage

Axel’s service in the DGSI gave him a lot of experience when it comes to discretion. Axel kills silently, and disappears as fast as he came.

Fear Effect Sedna is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Kicstarter]