LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review (PS Vita)

June 26, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Just like in the home console version, beating a level in the game makes it available for Free Play, which is a mode where players go back into a level and select heroes to access hidden parts of the level or find items that weren’t available to be collected before. Also like in the home console version, every character unlocked thus far is available, with some touch screen selection support included for selecting characters. Speaking of touch screen support, the Vita version pretty much uses it for aiming projectiles and a hacking mini-game that appears in some areas. Aiming is also supported by the rear touch panel, but the right side of the panel strangely seemed much more responsive than the left. (I tested the panel’s functionality with other games to make sure it wasn’t my Vita.) On that note, though, the front touch screen seems to function much better for aiming functionality.

The absence of the open-world Gotham isn’t really a huge issue, but may be a deal breaker for those who really enjoyed its presence in the game. Some may miss the ability to go through the world and find all kinds of collectibles, but the Vita version’s more condensed approach isn’t bad, either. Everything that there is to find in the game is in the levels to be accessed during Free Play. So, for collectors looking to find and discover everything there is, LEGO Batman 2 may provide an easier time in terms of accomplishing that goal.

LEGO Batman 2 for PS Vita, while a different game that misses some of the elements of the home console version, is still a solid title and is still fun to play. The game not being a port of the PS3 version may be disappointing to some, but this version of the game still has a lot to offer, as it’s still built on the same core gameplay mechanics. The game is a great fit for younger children who might not be ready to navigate the open-world Gotham, or for gamers who would like a LEGO Batman 2 fix on the go and are open to its more condensed offerings. However, gamers looking for a game that offers everything that the home console version does and nothing else should pick up that version, as LEGO Batman 2 Vita won’t quite be what they’re looking for.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

+ A fun LEGO Batman game that can be taken on the go
+ Some different level layouts and offerings than the home console version
– Missing level of detail, open-world Gotham, cutscenes and other content from home console version
– Cutscenes are compressed to the extent of being blurry

6.5 out of 10


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