Feeling Lucky? Uncharted Fight for Fortune is a Vita Card Game

November 8, 2012 Written by Jesse Meikle

Yesterday “Uncharted Fight for Fortune” was accidentally revealed through the Australian Classification Board. Today the Brazilian Classification board felt like one-upping the Australians by not just rating Uncharted Fight for Fortune, but also describing it as a “casino/cards” game.

The Brazilian listing labels UFfF (sexy acronym, no?) as a Vita game, whereas the Australian board is calling it a multiplatform title, suggesting it could be on PS3, or PlayStation Mobile – which is more likely when you consider the developer’s pedigree.

You might remember back in March, we reported about a user who discovered a card game in a glitch during Golden Abyss on Vita, and took the above screenshot. Could this be the fully-fleshed out realization of this minigame?

Which would you rather have, a strategy based, digital Uncharted card game, or a traditional card game (or several) with an Uncharted theme?

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