Sony Expects To Lure Xbox Gamers Into PS3 Redesign Purchase With Uncharted 3

When the Super-Slim PS3 was rumored, a lot of us were expecting a price drop to go along with the new SKU, similar to when the first redesign launched for $299, and I think the possibility of that same mass PlayStation 3 adoption is what had a lot of us excited, even more so than the actual console make-over.

But Sony seems particularly confident about the new PlayStation 3 despite not offering a more desirable price point, and here’s VP of marketing, handhelds and home consoles John Koller via GameSpot to tell us who he expects to purchase the Super-Slim PlayStation 3:

We have seen a very high interest rate from Xbox 360 consumers wanting to purchase a second console. We’ve held up Uncharted 3 as our flagship product over the last year and it’s a good opportunity for those types of consumers to come over and own a second console in their household.

Aside from being the PS3’s “flagship product” of last year, John Koller continues to explain the effect he expects the Uncharted 3 bundle to have by likening it back to the last generation of consoles:

We saw the same kind of thing happen in reverse during the PS2 years when a lot of PS2 consumers said they wanted to get an Xbox because of Halo and some other games. So we think the strategy works and it’s a good one.

Uncharted 3‘s outstanding quality aside, do you think Drake’s latest home console adventure has become a system seller comparable to the first couple Halo games? I have a hard time imagining anyone but informed, and dedicated gamers springing $270 for Uncharted, but I’d really rather be wrong on this one.