PS3 emulation

PS3 Emulation Report Corroborated By Another Known Insider

Another known insider has corroborated the rumor that Sony‘s looking into PS3 emulation to expand its classics lineup available on the PS5 and PS4. Yesterday, we shared a report that Sony is attempting to bring “select” PS3 games to modern consoles natively. And today’s report claims that official PS3 emulation has been in the works for “quite some time.”

PS3 emulation might follow Sony’s successful endeavour of bringing PS2 games to PS4, PS5

Today’s report comes from none other than journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who mentioned in the latest episode of Game Mess Mornings podcast that he was personally expecting some news on the PS3 emulation front earlier this year, which is when he first heard about it.

“It’s something that I’ve heard has been in the works for quite some time,” Grubb said. “I thought it was going to get revealed earlier this year when I first heard about it. That clearly didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen — maybe it does.”

After years of requests, Sony recently started making PS2 classics available on modern consoles via PS Plus Premium lineup as well as standalone PS Store releases. Here’s hoping that PS3 games follow suit.