Ask PSLS: Who is Your Favorite Developer?

March 27, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

In honor of the Game Developers’ Conference happening this week, we wanted to focus this Ask PSLS on the studios who make all the games we all enjoy playing. So, we asked the PSLS staff: “Who is Your Favorite Developer?”

*We decided to exclude Naughty Dog as a choice to make sure we got a wide variety of responses.

Anthony Severino – Likes the Color Red (@Sev_Anthony)

Picking a favorite developer is like picking your nose and choosing the best booger. They’re mostly all great, and it depends on your mood. But I’d have to go with Rockstar San Diego for one reason, and one game only: Red Dead Redemption. Although it’s a couple years old now, and you hear all this talk about how great Naughty Dog is (they are), or how much Gearbox loves their fans (they do), or how creative thatgamecompany is (they are too), Red Dead Redemption, in my humble but valuable opinion, is the best game of this console generation.

So, while everyone is excited for GTAV, I secretly wish that it was a follow-up to Red Dead Redemption, and not this modern day wannabe gangster bullshit. I love an respect many other devs, but it’s going to take something special to take my mind off John Marston and his epic tale of the Old Wild West.

Cameron Teague – Very Naughty (@Cameron_PSLS)

My all time favorite developer would have to be Konami, strictly for the Suikoden series that, to this day, I have played more than any other console game or series. Now my favorite developer currently would be Naughty Dog, but I am told we can’t select them, so I will instead choose Level 5. They have given me one of the best RPGs of recent memory in Ni no Kuni, and even though it had its flaws, I still really enjoyed the White Knight Chronicles series.

Chandler Wood – Infinitely Awesome (@FinchStrife)

Although I have many for many reasons (RockSteady, Insomniac, etc.) I currently have to say it’s Irrational due to the wonderful BioShock Infinite that I have already put nearly 12 hours into (expect my review very soon). Letting a single man head up the team and take control of all aspects of the game helps keep an extremely controlled feel and environment, as well as a wonderfully polished and solid game. Irrational may not have a lot on their resume, but what they do have has always been hits and no misses. I’m eager to see what Irrational brings to the table next, but I don’t expect it for another four to five years, once again due to the polish and care that is put into their games.

Jason Dunning – Thinks the Funniest Friends Character is Monica (@Jasonad21)

There’s a lot of developers who I really like, but my favorite has to be Sony Santa Monica. Even though God of War: Ascension doesn’t quite live up to my expectations, God of War 1 and 2 were two of my favorite PS2 games (along with Resident Evil 4 and Final Fantasy X), and God of War 3 is likely going to go down as my all-time favorite PS3 game.

Considering how much they get out of each system, I cannot wait to see what they do with the PlayStation 4.

Jesse Meikle – Made up of Media and Molecules (@Jesse_WM)

My favorite developer has to be Media Molecule, because the creative, charming folks behind LittleBigPlanet seem to strive to create very ground breaking and innovative games that push game development into unexplored areas. Media Molecule may not have a long track record, but the possibilities that arise from their PS4 tech demo have me excited for the user-generated future.

Sebastian Moss – Takes You on a Journey (@SebMoss)

My favorite developer has to be that game company, you know, the one that does really innovative game-changing titles that push boundaries. Yeah, Irrational Games.

Vivas Kaul – Is a Saint (@VivasKaul)

I think my favorite developer is Volition. People love to lump Saints Row in with GTA, but Saints Row 3 has forged a whole new path for them. It was risky and even contemplating going down it was ballsy, but dammit if it didn’t pay off. So while everyone is asking Volition if they’re worried about going up against GTAV later this year, I have no doubt that SR4 is going to do quite well.

Who is your favorite developer? Let us know in the comments below.