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Ask PSLS – What is Bethesda Planning for Its E3 Conference?

The Fallout of Evil Doom Within Wolfenstein Scrolls.

Ask PSLS – Special and Collector’s Editions

Buy the Collector’s Edition of this article to get a chintzy keychain!

Ask PSLS – What is Your Go-To Gaming Food and Drink?

My mouth is watering.

Ask PSLS – What do You Like Most About Your PS4?

There’s so much to like!

Ask PSLS – Obscure Games of 2014

Games lost in obscurity.

Ask PSLS – How Much Time do you Spend Gaming?

Not enough? Or way too much?

Ask PSLS – What Did You Do While the PSN Was Down?

Played games.

Ask PSLS – Holiday Gaming Plans

Have a great holiday everyone!

Ask PSLS – What Do You Love Most About Gaming?

No one says resolution or frames per second.

Ask PSLS – Most Anticipated Game in 2015

What are you looking forward to?

Ask PSLS – Game You’ve Spent the Most Time With

RPGs and MMOs are popular answers.

Ask PSLS – Gaming Guilty Pleasures

This may get embarrassing.

Ask PSLS – Most Important Part of a Game

The controller?

Ask PSLS – Let’s Talk Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

What do we think of the latest title in the yearly franchise?

Ask PSLS – Franchises That Need Game Adaptations

What franchise would you want as a game?

Ask PSLS – Sequels or New IPs?

Which do you prefer?

Ask PSLS – An Underwhelming Holiday Release Lineup?

What do you think of the holiday lineup?

Ask PSLS – Is Lack of Backwards Compatibility Still an Issue?

Looking back.

Ask PSLS – Create Your Ideal Video Game Character

Customization options!

Ask PSLS – What is a Gamer?

One who games.