Adam Boyes: “Right Now We’re Planning E3”, “We’re Planning gamescom”, “We’re Planning TGS”

November 14, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


With PS4 All Access happening tonight, and the Spike TV VGAs next month, we should have more than a few big and shocking announcements of new games coming to the PlayStation 4.

But Sony isn’t just resting on those two events, as Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at SCEA, told Kotaku:

We’re having meetings—that’s what my team does every single week. Right now we’re planning E3 – we’re planning our announcements for that – we’re planning gamescom, we’re planning TGS – all those different events and what kind of stuff we want. And listening, whether people are tweeting at [Shuhei Yoshida], or me, or anyone on my team. We’re reading all the forums and commenters to see what people are really excited about. And that’s the stuff we usually start with – the more excitement there is around certain content, that’s sort of where we go after.

Before E3 though, Boyes believes we’ll start to see “stuff start hitting the market at a nice, regular beat” on PS4 come January, February, and March. “Like every few weeks there will be new stuff to be playing on PS4,” he continued.

Looking months and months down the road, what do you think Sony will surprise us with at E3, gamescom, and TGS? Let us know in the comments below.