Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wouldn’t Work Without a New Engine, Says Sledgehammer

August 14, 2014Written by Alex Co


Impressed with what you’ve seen of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare so far? If so, it’s likely due to the game’s new engine that Sledgehammer Games is using to power this year’s version of the mega-shooter.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle, we asked Sledgehamer Games’ Senior Development Director Judah Graham whether Advanced Warfare is using a brand new engine to run on now-gen platforms, or whether it was using a modified version of the shooter’s existing engine.

An Activison rep jumped in to confirm that Advanced Warfare is indeed using a brand new engine.

It is a new engine. The guys designed a new engine for this at the start of development.

It was also revealed that this brand new engine didn’t have a name. But even so, Graham mentioned that the studio wouldn’t be able to accomplish what they’re aiming for in Advanced Warfare if they weren’t using a new engine.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing unless it was [a new engine]. To support what we wanted to do, with the three-lane map design…yeah.

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