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SEGA Officially Banning Commenters Leaving Inappropriate Remarks on Photos of People

September 14, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


SEGA of America has announced an update in its comment policies whereby anyone leaving inappropriate comments on photos of people will be banned/blocked from the company’s social media pages and channels. SEGA said that it has noticed a “disturbing trend” of derogatory and hateful comments, and personal attacks. 

We love our fans. As community managers, we interact with our fans each and every day. We try to solve problems, provide informational updates, and spread the enjoyment of SEGA’s brands and products. As part of that, we often like to highlight both the people that work here at SEGA, but also our dedicated fans. Sometimes this is in the form of behind-the-scenes photos from events or our offices, and sometimes this is to highlight prize winners or cosplayers. But we’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately – people posting mean or inappropriate comments on these photos.

Therefore, we are putting a new policy in place across all of SEGA’s community and social channels – if you make a personal attack or otherwise inappropriate comment, we will delete your comment and we will ban or block you from our page/channel.

I’m sure many will agree with the company’s stance in this case. It’s one thing to take issue with SEGA as a company, and another to target individuals in photos. Good move!

[Source: SEGA]