“Speakeasy” Bringing the Roarin’ Twenties Onto the PS4

November 11, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Rock-paper-scissors meets the America’s 1920’s in Gun Media’s and SuperSoul’s upcoming PlayStation 4 game Speakeasy. Using a number of characters inspired by famous celebrities of that time, players will compete with each other in an attempt to win the Fisticuffs League Champion crown.

Up to 16 players can vie for the crown at one time, making the game seem great for parties. It also looks like it will feature simplistic gameplay in an attempt to be playable by most people.

Essentially, Speakeasy is rock-paper-scissors, as players have to choose to either punch, block, or fake each round. Making the wrong choice can lead to instantly losing the 10-second round. To keep things fresh, Speakeasy will feature a number of trophies and in-game unlockables for players to try to obtain.

Currently, the strategic brawling game does not yet have a release date. What do you think of Speakeasy? Does the gameplay or time period appeal to you at all?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]