Sony Begins PS4 System Software Beta Testing Program, Beta Update 2.50 Previewed

March 6, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


In an email sent to us by an anonymous person, Sony revealed that they’ll be running a System Software Beta Testing Program on PlayStation 4, giving people the chance to try out new system features before they’re released to the public.

Eligible participants will receive a voucher code through PSN Message over the next few days. Then, you can update your PS4 to version 2.50 Beta by redeeming the code and selecting [Settings] > [System Software Update] > [System Software (Beta)].

Asking participants to play games as much as possible once it’s installed, here’s the main features associated with the 2.50 Beta:

  • You can now set the system software to rest mode without terminating an application. You can set this by navigating to [Power-Saving Setting] > [Set Features in Stand-by Mode] > [Settings] > [Power-Saving Setting] > [Set Functions Available in Rest mode] > [Keep Application Suspended].
  • [Accessibility] is now added to [Setting]. You can now set up accessibility-related functions, such as zooming and button assignment.

There’s a lot of restrictions with the System Software Beta Testing Program, including:

  • Some behaviors might be different from the final release version of 2.50.
  • The Beta Program software may not have some features present in the official version of 2.50.
  • As noted above, you will not be able to restore the version to older than v2.50 once you install the Beta Program software so we strongly recommend that you make a backup of necessary data.
  • During the Beta Program, system initialization and a system software update file to replace the HDD will not be provided. It will however be available once the official version of 2.50 is released.
  • Share Play cannot be used by a user on a PS4 system running system software version earlier than v2.50. Users who are both running the System Software Beta Testing Program software will be able to connect to their systems for Share Play.
  • Remote Play cannot be used with a PS Vita system running system software version 3.35. A new system software update (to be released later) is required.
  • No streaming of any kind is available during the Beta Program (via on console or through another service such as Twitch).

To go along with this information, Wario64 has reportedly seen the full changelog for the 2.50 Beta, which also includes Share Play at 60fps, the ability to delete Trophies at 0%, search Trophy details online, and share Trophy details and screenshots.

Currently, the PS4 is at version 2.04.

What do you think about Sony offering a beta program for future system software updates?

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