SOMA Beta Expected to Start in Four Weeks, Says Frictional Games

March 14, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan


Frictional Games¬†has announced on Facebook that its upcoming sci-fi horror title, SOMA, is expected to enter beta in four weeks. However, tester slots have already been filled so there won’t be any new signups. The Amnesia developer wrote:

If all goes according to plan the beta for SOMA, our upcoming sci-fi horror game, will be done in 4 weeks. It feels both exciting and scary that the game is really nearly completed now. After several years of hard work, release is finally a clearly visible milestone.

Note that we already have all the testers we need, so no need to make requests. Game is still incomplete so just hang in there a little longer, and you’ll get the polished and proper version to immerse yourself in!

Frictional Games said last month that the beta will take place on the PlayStation 4 and PC both. But we’re not sure if there’s a public beta in the pipeline or not.¬†

Announced in 2013, SOMA is scheduled for release sometime this year.

[Source: Frictional Games (Facebook)]