Respawn Admits Titanfall 2 Game Modes on Second Page “Not Obvious Enough”

November 8, 2016Written by Alex Co

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If you’ve been playing Titanfall 2 multiplayer, then there’s a very good chance that you’re playing Attrition, Bounty Hunt, Last Titan Standing or any mode that can readily be seen once you enter the “Find Game” section.

What some might not know, or already know but can’t be bothered to check, is that there’s a second page in the Titanfall 2 game mode screen which lists the Capture the Flag, Free for All and Private Match Beta modes. If you think that putting some modes on the second page where it’s hard to notice was a mistake, Respawn thinks so as well.

Speaking to VICE, Respawn Producer Drew McCoy admits that the second page modes were not “obvious” enough but admits that a fix is being worked on.

We have some modes we knew weren’t going to be as popular as others, but we’ve been bit by our UI more than I was expecting. When you go to find a match there are eight tiles of different game modes you can matchmake in, but there’s a second screen with a few more modes, and no one is going to those because the UI design was not obvious enough. We’re working on fixing that

Hopefully, Respawn just makes everything accessible on the front page and mixes some of the lesser populated modes into one playlist. If you still haven’t checked out Titanfall 2, go watch our latest Top 5 video where we tell you why it’s one of the year’s must-buy games.

What fix would you want Respawn to make in regard to Titanfall 2’s game mode UI? Should all modes that aren’t Attrition and Bounty Hunt be put into one playlist?

[Source: VICE]