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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Titanfall 2

While Titanfall 2 scored a rather mighty 9/10 in our review, and it’s currently at an amazing 90 Metacritic rating, it seems early word on sales (in the UK, at least) imply that Respawn’s latest game isn’t setting the sales charts on fire as some might have imagined.

With a lot of staff members very impressed by Titanfall 2’s single-player and multiplayer, and the fact that we think its DLC initiative is something we want to be the industry norm, we decided to dedicate this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video on why first-person shooter fans — especially multiplayer shooter players — should buy Titanfall 2 ASAP.

As expected, we talk about the polished core gameplay, fantastic multiplayer progression system and more. Check the video above to see why you should buy Titanfall 2. Thankfully, EA seems committed to the franchise, so fans can expect more Titans to fall in the near future.

On the fence about Titanfall 2? Did our video sway you? For those who already have Titanfall 2, don’t forget to join the PlayStation LifeStyle Titanfall 2 Network! We’re already at over 32,000 members and growing!

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