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anthem game livestream

Catch the Anthem Livestream on November 1, 2018

A specific time has not yet been revealed.

battlefield 5 firestorm details

New Information on Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Arrives Very Soon

Firestorm details will come with new information about Tides of War.

war stories battlefield 5

The Last Tiger Will Be Battlefield V’s Last War Story

Tides of War won’t bring about additional single-player content.

battlefield v bonus

DICE Announces Bonus Items for Early Battlefield V Players as the Game Goes Gold

Here’s a thank you for being patient.

gaas games

Games-as-a-Service Model Has Helped Activision and EA Grow Exponentially Since 2012

The numbers are staggering.

battlefront 2 microtransactions

Report: DICE Experiencing Staff Turnover Amid Competition From Major Studios in Stockholm

Epic and Ubisoft among others now have a presence in Stockholm.

madden 19 fun house

How to Beat the First Madden 19 Most Feared Fun House Solo Challenge

There’s probably a Charlie Brown joke around here somewhere.

battlefield 5 german campaign

Battlefield V: The German Perspective Presented in War Stories Isn’t a ‘Hero Story’

The Last Tiger sounds like something rare and special.

battlefield 5 war stories

DICE Talks Balancing Tone in Battlefield V’s War Stories

It’s a balancing act.

battlefield 5 single player

Characters in Battlefield V War Stories Will Speak in Their Respective Languages

Aiming for authenticity wherever they can.

battlefront 2 grievous

The First Image of General Greivous in Star Wars Battlefront II Supposedly Leaks

The question is: will he cough?

Road to Battlefield V

Road to Battlefield V Floods October with Free Battlefield 1 Content

A look at October’s roadmap.

anthem gameplay focus

Anthem Director Calls the Focus on Gameplay ‘Refreshing’ for BioWare

But creating an immersive world is still very important.

star wars battlefront 2 roadmap

DICE Updated the Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap

Finally, a safe haven for the prequel fans.

PlayStation Store Sales

PlayStation Store Sales This Week: PS Plus Specials and EA Sale

It’s the perfect time to snag some of those EA titles you’ve been holding out on.

nhl 19 season simulation

NHL 19 Predicts the Stanley Cup Championship

What could possibly go wrong? No pressure, Toronto!

the sims 4 ps4 keyboard

The Sims 4 Is Getting Mouse and Keyboard Support on Consoles

Whippna Choba Dog! (That’s “This is cool!” in Simlish.)

Battlefield 5 support class

An Inside Look at Battlefield V’s Support Class

Do you need some support?

anthem reaches alpha milestone

Anthem Reaches Alpha Milestone, Entire Game is ‘Functioning’

So close, yet so far.

FIFA 19 – Everything You Need to Know

The 411 on EA’s latest soccer simulator.