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dragon age 4

BioWare Announces Newest Dragon Age Game With Cryptic Teaser

The Dread Wolf rises.

dragon age 4

Rumor: Dragon Age 4 Will Be Revealed at The Game Awards

Get ready for another trip back to Thedas.

star wars battlefront 2 geonosis

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Geonosis Finally Come to Star Wars Battlefront II

He has the higher ground!

battlefield 5 sales

UK Sales Chart: Battlefield V Off to a Slow Start as FIFA 19 Runs to the Top

We get it, Europeans like football.

Here’s When You Can Play as Obi-Wan in Star Wars Battlefront II

Will he be your only hope in battle?

Anthem Delay

Anthem Delay Rumors Force Executive Producer to Speak Out

People talk.

NHL 19 special edition

Get the Wayne Gretzky-Themed NHL 19 Special Edition Today

Only GOATs, no goats.

battlefield 1 ceasefire

Battlefield 1 Players Held a (Brief) Ceasefire for Armistice Day

It’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.

Battlefield V Launch

Battlefield V’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Its Most Exciting Moments

Are you ready to get on the Battlefield?

Battlefield V Battle Royale

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Has a Smaller Player-Count Than Black Ops 4’s

More news will arrive leading up to the mode’s launch in March 2019.

battlefield 5 launch day patch notes

Battlefield V’s Over 130-Page of Day One Patch Notes Are Live

Thankfully, DICE has provided a summary.

patrick soderlund new studio

Ex-EA Exec Patrick Söderlund Opens New Studio

The new studio is partnering with Nexon.

n7 day 2018

BioWare Releases a Video for N7 Day, Giving Mass Effect Fans Hope

Mass Effect’s not dead.

battlefield 5 day one patch

The Day One Patch Notes for Battlefield V Will Be 135 Pages Long

That’s nearly 23,000 words.

battlefront 2 obi wan

Take Your First Look at Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Battlefront II

He’ll have the higher ground.

battlefield 5 trophies

Take a Look at the Trophies You Can Earn in Battlefield V

Trophy hunters, get ready.

battlefield 5 issues

Here’s When You Can Start Preloading Battlefield V

Gotta get the jump on it.

battlefield 5 multiplayer launch maps

Get a Sneak Peek at Every Battlefield V Multiplayer Launch Map

Plus a look at a post-launch map featured in Tides of War Chapter 1.

ea anthem excitement

EA Says We’ll See More Anthem After the Holidays

The game supposedly plays “extremely well.”