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Anthem Launch

PS4 Owners Got Off Easy on Anthem After Negative Early Coverage

Early access revealed an unfinished and underwhelming experience.

Anthem Mass Effect Armor

How to Acquire the N7 Mass Effect Armor in Anthem

We may not see Mass Effect for a while, so this will have to hold you over.

apex legends china

Report: Tencent in Talks With EA to Release Apex Legends in China

Apex Legends is already breaking Fortnite’s Twitch records.

apex legends cheaters

Over 16,000 Apex Legends Cheaters Have Been Banned Already

Respawn investigating reports of the game crashing.

PSN Sale

PSN Critics’ Choice Sale Features Discounts on RDR2, Battlefield V, and Madden 19

The Critics’ Choice Sale is perfect for those who may have missed out on some of last year’s hottest games.

10 Ways Apex Legends Is Nothing Like Titanfall

Apex Legends is its own thing.

Anthem Launch Chart Timeline

Anthem’s Fragmented Launch Might Be a Mess, But Only For a Week

We’re nearing the date when Anthem finally launches. Sort of. See, onceRead the full article…

Apex Legends Review – Respawned Battle Royale (PS4)

Fortnite is officially on notice.

Apex Legends Players

Apex Legends Reaches 25 Million Players Within First Week of Release, Two Million Concurrent

Has Apex Legends set the new standard for how to release a free-to-play multiplayer game?

apex legends iran

Iranian Gamers Unable to Play Apex Legends Due to Sanctions

But other games work just fine.

battlefield 5 survey

Battlefield V Devs Attempting to Improve Communication With Players Via Monthly Surveys

EA admits that it failed to build momentum for the game.

apex legends ranked

Report: Apex Legends’ Code Suggests It’ll Receive a Ranked Mode

It’s already off to a good start.

anthem next-gen

Anthem Will Allow Players to Carry Over Save Files If It’s Ported Over to Next-Gen Consoles

That’s according to Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson.

EA Stock

EA’s Stock Jumps 11% After Apex Legends Hits 10 Million Players

It seems like there’s still room in the Battle Royale space.

Apex Legends player count

Apex Legends Reaches 10 Million Players in Just 72 Hours, Breaks 1 Million Concurrent Players

Fortnite took two weeks to reach that milestone.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order release date

Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to Release Fall 2019, New Plants vs. Zombies Title on the Way

Could Respawn help to break the cursed cycle of EA Star Wars games?

Apex Legends Titanfall 3

More Titanfall Coming This Year, Analyst Thinks it Could be Titanfall 3

EA plans to grow “Apex Legends and related Titanfall experiences.”

Apex Legends Cross Play

CEO of EA Is ‘Looking Into’ Cross-Play for Apex Legends and FIFA

Cross-play is important, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the norm.

Apex Legends

Respawn Releases Free-to-Play Battle Royale Game Apex Legends, Titanfall 3 Not In Development

The surprise release was to avoid letting the “marketing plan go awry.”

battlefield 5 update

Battlefield V Devs Provide Updates on Top Issues Including Loading Screen Hangs and Ping Spikes

First draft of the big February update is complete.