Sony: 25.6 Billion Trophies Earned Since 2008, Lifetime PSN Members Get an Exclusive Avatar

November 10, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


In celebration of the PlayStation Store’s 10th anniversary, Sony is holding a two-week sale in North America, while also giving away a special edition theme for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 through the PS Store. While both of those are available to everyone, Sony is offering something a little more special to certain people: an exclusive PS4 avatar (above).

As Sony explains, “To recognize and acknowledge those who have been with PlayStation Network from the very beginning, members with accounts of 9.5 years or more will receive an exclusive PS4 avatar.” In the email sent out to those eligible, they say, “You received an exclusive avatar to use on your PS4 system. You can find it in your system settings under Profile.”

Members of the PSLS team received the email from Sony, which thanks players for being with them from the very beginning. After listing the day you signed up, your first friend, your first Trophy, and how many hours you’ve played, Sony gave out some interesting Store facts:

  • When we first launched 10 years ago, we opened shop in 5 countries and now we’re in 70 across the world.
  • Blast Factor was the first game that was purchased.
  • Formula One Championship Edition was the first demo downloaded.
  • 25.6 Billion Trophies have been earned since they were first available starting in 2008.

They then showed how the PlayStation Store looked on day one:


How long have you been a PSN member?

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