Learn About Aloy’s Past in Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

December 14, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games released a new video showing off their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. In a three-minute video released on the PlayStation Blog, the team discusses the open-world action game’s main character, Aloy. It delves into her past, and is definitely worth watching. Check out the video above, as we’ve embedded it for your convenience.

The blog also features some quotes from Guerrilla Games’ Managing Director and co-founder Hermen Hulst. Hulst reveals that they didn’t set out to have a female protagonist, and that it just made sense from a story perspective. “It was a happy coincidence,” explained Hulst. “We didn’t want this typical hulking dude, but an agile person who wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold her ground against the sheer gun power of these Machines, but is able to outsmart them.”

Hulst also discussed the creation process and said that they decided on the character’s signature red hair very early on. “The creation of Aloy was relatively constant. Of course you always develop and iterate as you go along, but we decided she’d be a young redheaded female from day one.” He also describes the character as “curious” and “intelligent,” but notes that Aloy can be fierce because the studio didn’t want “a Disney type princess.”

Check out the full post over at the PlayStation Blog, as it features some other interesting tidbits about the studio’s creative process and how Aloy evolved over time. Horizon Zero Dawn is currently set to release March 2017 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)