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Death Stranding guerrilla games

The Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Is ‘So Impressed’ With Death Stranding After a Private Demo

The fly on the wall had to sign an NDA.

horizon zero dawn 2

What to Expect in Horizon Zero Dawn 2

What would you like to see in Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

horizon zero dawn bow

Developers Explain What Makes Horizon Zero Dawn’s Bow So Satisfying

Lots of intricate details went into perfecting the feel of Aloy’s bow.

horizon zero dawn aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy: A New Generation of Strong Protagonists

An examination of what makes Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy such a fantastic protagonist.

horizon zero dawn sales

Horizon Zero Dawn Reportedly Crosses 5 Million Units Sold at Retail

At retail, Horizon has sold best in European territories.

horizon zero dawn board game

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Announced, Launching Later This Year

There’s going to be miniature robot dinosaurs!

Horizon Zero Dawn Prototype Footage

Horizon Zero Dawn Prototype Footage Shows Killzone Character Model

Imagine playing Horizon Zero Dawn with Sgt. Thomas “Sev” Sevchenko instead of Alloy.

Guerrilla games growth new studio growth

Guerrilla Games Adding 150 Staff, Working on ‘New Titles and Games Based on Existing Titles’

A new building for Guerrilla means massive growth for the company.

Guerrilla Games

Former Eidos Montreal Employee Joins Guerrilla Games

A new challenger approaches Guerrilla Games.

horizon zero dawn aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Executive on How Aloy Changed Throughout Development

Making Aloy unique changed the course of the game’s narrative.

Horizon Zero Dawn Best Buy Offer has a low price

Horizon Zero Dawn Now Priced $9.99 at Best Buy

It’s so good, I’d buy the damn thing again!

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is Looming Ahead, And We Are Ready

RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Looming Ahead, Guerrilla Hiring

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at the E3 2018? Maybe…

Horizon Zero Dawn one year anniversary

Kojima, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, More Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s One Year Anniversary

Praise of the games technical systems and cultural impact.

Watchers Were the Most Abused, Bow Was Most Used, and Other Year One Horizon Zero Dawn Stats

The Sawtooth was the most deadly machine.

horizon zero dawn story

Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Writer Teases Cut Content, Talks About the Game’s Development

The team recently held an AMA.

horizon zero dawn sales

Horizon Zero Dawn Sales Top 7 Million Copies in Just One Year

It’s the “best-selling new first-party franchise launch on PlayStation 4.”

Free Horizon Zero Dawn Theme and Avatars on PSN

Free Horizon Zero Dawn Theme and Avatars Available Tomorrow

Make sure to redeem it!

Horizon Zero Dawn writer

Early Versions of Horizon Zero Dawn Featured Two Player Co-Op

Two player hunting was almost a thing!

Read the Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.52 Patch Notes

Read the Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.52 Patch Notes

It fixes crashing issues.

Horizon Zero Dawn writer

Learn About the Process of Writing Horizon Zero Dawn’s Story

John Gonzalez goes deep into the story.