LEGO Horizon Adventures Trailer

LEGO Horizon Adventures Trailer Reveals PS5, Switch & PC Release

Today’s Summer Game Fest show has confirmed the existence of the much-rumored LEGO Horizon Adventures for release on PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC this holiday season through a new trailer. The action-adventure game is being co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Studio Gobo yet still has the characteristics of a typical LEGO game.

What the LEGO Horizon Adventures trailer shows

The LEGO Horizons Adventure trailer shows Hotdog Guy as he nearly gets squished by a rampaging Thunderjaw. The good news is that LEGO Aloy is there to save him. She then ventures through a LEGO-fied post-apocalyptic US alongside pals like Varl, taking down familiar dinosaur-like machines by throwing sharks at them, and collecting “all the shiny things.”

The story begins when Aloy is found in a cave as a baby by a huntsman called Rost, who raises her and teaches her everything she needs to know to survive. On a search for her true destiny, she finds a thousand-year-old hologram of a scientist called Elisabet. The world is endangered by a group of sun worshipers who bow to an Ancient Evil, and she must confront their leader Helis.

There’s also a chance to turn the village of Mother’s Heart into a theme park, as players can construct and decorate unique LEGO buildings and ornaments. Alongside these are plenty of outfits to unlock like a bee, carrot, banana, or astronaut. Whether Aloy ever gets her desired hotdog costume remains to be seen.

The game features co-op play for two players, both as couch co-op and online multiplayer. There wasn’t any confirmation of the rumored cross-play between platforms, nor whether the game will feature a typical live-service model.