Lego Horizon Adventures PC Version

Lego Horizon Adventures PC Version Coming Day-One – Report

The next PlayStation game for PC is reportedly a Lego-based Horizon spinoff. If a reliable source can be believed, the PC version of Lego Horizon Adventures will launch alongside the PlayStation release. Sony reportedly intends to announce the game during the Summer Game Fest on Friday.

Will PlayStation’s Lego Horizon Adventures be on PC?

The existence of Lego Horizon Adventures leaked last month, with one report describing it as “Horizon Forbidden West but Lego.” The game was expected to appear at May’s State of Play but was a no-show at the event. However, reliable leaker Billbil-kun revealed that the game will be at this year’s Summer Games fest, which airs at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on June 7. He also confirmed that Lego Horizon Adventures’ PC version would be released the same day as PS5.

The Lego Horizon game is the latest PlayStation PC game to launch on both platforms simultaneously. However, these are generally multiplayer tiles like Helldivers 2 and the upcoming PvP shooter Concord. PlayStation CEO Hermen Hulst also said that, while live-service games will be cross-platform at launch, that won’t be the case with single-player “tentpole” franchises.

According to Billbil-kun, Lego Horizon Adventures features both a single-player and co-op mode with crossplay between the PlayStation and PC versions. Given Hulst’s comments, it’s also possible that the upcoming game will use a live-service model. However, that is only a possibility, and we don’t yet know the nature of Sony’s deal with Lego. It’s also possible that, as a spinoff, PlayStation doesn’t consider Lego Horizon Adventures a “tentpole” game.

As with other PlayStation PC games, Lego Horizon Adventures’s PC version will require a PlayStation Network account. Unfortunately, this means it will not be playable in countries where PSN isn’t available.