Netflix Horizon TV show

Horizon Netflix TV Show Reportedly Shelved for Now

A Netflix TV show based on the Horizon series has reportedly been shelved (for the time being at least) as its showrunner has been accused of toxicity and bullying. The show was supposed to be helmed by Umbrella Academy’s Steve Blackman, who has denied the allegations.

Netflix’s Horizon TV show was announced in 2022

According to a report by Rolling Stone, Blackman faces the aforementioned allegations from at least twelve Umbrella Academy staffers. He allegedly engaged in a variety of “manipulative and retaliatory behavior,” including but not limited to firing a writer for taking maternity leave because he felt “ripped off.”

Although Blackman has denied the allegations, Rolling Stone reports that his Horizon and Orbital projects, both of which reportedly came in a development deal worth $50 million, will no longer be moving forward.

Blackman’s representatives have not specifically commented on the aforementioned projects, but have claimed that he has an ongoing relationship with the streaming giant and “continues to work on new projects” for it. However, a Netflix representative declined to comment.

It’s unclear if PlayStation Productions and Netflix will find a new showrunner. The Horizon TV show was announced in 2022 along with God of War and Gran Turismo TV adaptations. No further details have been shared.