Why Lego Horizon Adventures Xbox version isn't happening

Sony Attempts to Answer Why Lego Horizon Adventures Isn’t on Xbox

Folks over at Sony and Guerrilla Games have attempted to answer why a Lego Horizon Adventures Xbox release isn’t happening. The game is launching on the PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch, so the absence of an Xbox version does stand out, especially because Lego is a beloved property.

Sony gives non-answer to question of Lego Horizon Adventures skipping Xbox

GameFile‘s Stephen Totilo quizzed Guerrilla Games narrative director James Windeler on the topic, and as we expected, his response was a non-answer. Sony’s reason for releasing Lego Horizon Adventures on the Nintendo Switch is that it targets the “family-friendly” and “younger audience” segments.

But when asked why Xbox Series X|S haven’t been considered, Windeler said that Guerrilla Games is “focused on pushing” the PS5 “to its limits.” He then talked about how the studio aims to make Lego Horizon Adventures look and perform great on the hardware — a bit of an irrelevant answer with Windeler dancing around the actual question.

Totilo said that the reason for not releasing Lego Horizon Adventures on PS4 is the same as above, but it’s not like Xbox Series X|S are last-gen consoles, so the real answer here is platform exclusivity.

Interestingly, Windeler did add that Sony doesn’t have “anything to announce about Xbox right now,” so there’s still a little glimmer of hope.